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How to raise Sponsorship

To help raise money for local good causes, please download and print the Sponsorship Form, then use it to get sponsors for your team’s swim.

The Sponsorship Form is easy to complete which will help when asking friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you and pay their money.

For local businesses and organisations who enter teams, we have developed a Corporate Sponsor Awards Scheme in recognition of the hard efforts spent raising funds to support the Swimarathon. Please visit: https://www.swimarathon.org/corporate-awards for more details.

Important: You must bring the fully completed sponsorship form with you at check-in before your team’s swim, and you need to hand over the money/cheques (made payable to ‘Swimarathon’) at that time. We appreciate that asking for money upfront from your sponsors isn’t easy, but they have sponsored you in the knowledge that your team will do well, and it helps our volunteers to sort the donations when you arrive for your swim. Thank you.